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The Career Compass

Welcome to the Career Compass - your four step framework to finding a job you’ll love.

I’ve pulled together exercises from my ten years of coaching professionals who are at career crossroads, or just asking themselves the question ‘is this it?’

The answer is no, this is never 'it'. There is always possibility! You deserve a job in which you can thrive, and my belief is that this programme will help you explore what that looks like so you can make a plan to make it happen! 

There are four modules. In each module there are 2-3 short videos to watch and worksheets to prompt your thinking.

The modules will be released to you at weekly intervals – not only do I know how overwhelming it is to be faced with an entire programme to work through in one go, meaning you are more likely to not get started, but I want you to spend time on the early modules. This is where you’ll really get to know yourself and what will work for you! 

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