5 Modules

Module 1: Dream

In this module I share with you a really powerful coaching exercise which is often where I start when clients come to me at a career crossroads. Really take your time and enjoy this exercise. It’s tempting to skip through it, but the more you engage with it, the more value you will get from it! 

Module 2: Discover

In this module we’ll explore your skills, strengths and values. We have a choice about the skills we use at work, and we have a choice about the environment in which we want to work. Work through the videos and worksheets to discover what comes up for you.

Module 3: Design

We’ve explored all the lives you’ve ever wanted to lead, the values that make you tick, the strengths and skills you bring to work and the ones you’d like to bring to work. Now it’s time to pull it together and design what a positive work environment looks like for you.

Module 4: Do!

Congratulations for reaching the final module of The Career Compass! You’ll now have new insights into what a job in which you’ll thrive looks like. Taking action is down to you, but I have designed some steps to help make sure you do take action. This module will support you in taking tangible steps to make it happen!

Modules for this programme 5
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